SmartMove is a Fitness Tracker Embedded in a Shoe Insole

 - Apr 27, 2014
References: kickstarter & gadgets.ndtv
SmartMove is a physical activity tracker that consists of a sensor built into an insole. When inserted into your shoe, the SmartMove keeps track of your physical activities and makes recommendations. It can be kept in running shoes if you want to measure exercise-related parameters alone, but by inserting it in all your shoes, you can get a comprehensive picture of your physical activity levels.

SmartMove can trick things such as the time you spend sitting, standing, walking, running and cycling. An accompanying smartphone app gives you a real-time display of your activity levels and calorie burn rate, while also tracking your physical activity history.

SmartMove even features a 'coach' that makes recommendations based on your tracked statistics. It uses a software algorithm to provide text-based tips, instructions and motivation.