It Picks Your Food

 - Dec 6, 2006
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Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls! Stop worrying about you weight problem and how to control your hunger, because if you aren't ashamed of letting a dish ruin your life, we have a solutions!

The "talking plate" is 15 centimetres in diameter and connected to a palm-sized computer. Weight sensors allow the diner to load up his plate with a fixed volume of food, and if he piles on more a recording informs the diner of his impending sin.

"The idea behind this device is that we only start feeling we are full twenty minutes or more after we start eating, and in that time period it's time enough to eat two or three times the proper amount of food," Chausovsky explained. "The belt tells the wearer he has reached 'fullness' before the person's own body will tell him he is full."