This Smart Charger Charges Devices Quickly and Efficiently

 - Oct 26, 2015
References: usbidicharge & kickstarter
The UsBidi is a smart charger that has multiple innovative features that most smartphone chargers don't.

To start with, the UsBidi smart charger can charge phones twice as quickly as most chargers with a 'Smart & Fast Mode.' By tapping the smart charger, users can stop the background data syncing on their phone, allowing the device to charge in half the time it normally would. Secondly, the UsBidi smart charger conserves energy and battery durability with an auto-unplug feature. When the phone is left plugged in for longer than it actually takes to charge, the UsBidi will disconnect the power supply, interrupting the charging mini-cycles that most chargers supply even after the phone is at full battery life. This avoids problems like overheating and depleted battery life over time.

A couple of other smaller but nonetheless innovative features, like a magnet that allows the charger to stick to any metal surface and a braided cord, make this smart charger a life-saver for smartphones.