frnds of ours' Offerings are Comfy, Chic and Versatile

Sonora Goldman and Annie Carlson founded small-batch clothing company frnds of ours in 2018. The focus of the brand is to create breezy, easy-to-wear pieces that are timeless and delicate — a mission that has been continuously satisfied since the label's launch. From the Winged Top N.15 which is made from organic cotton to the silk Relic Jumper in emerald green, the offerings are sophisticated and chic.

frnds of ours is based in New York City. The small-batch clothing collections have been crafted with high-quality materials, meticulous attention to detail and a good sense of proportions in the founders' Brooklyn studio. These advocates for the return of the fashion industry "to the garment districts of the United States."

Photo Credits: Alexander Ablola