Small World Travel Agency Ads Promote the Value of in Situ Speaking

 - Dec 9, 2011
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Even after twelve years of concurrent language immersion classes, many students discover just how inadequate their vocabularies are the moment they actually visit the home country of that tongue. These Small World Travel Agency ads point out the extent to which classroom chitchat falls short of teaching practical social interaction, encouraging amateur linguists to journey to the geographical source.

Three prints by the Wirz BBDO of Zurich, Switzerland, feature pairs of young people in clubs and bars attempting to carry on small talk based on the instruction of language fundamentals workbooks. The speech bubbles that express the verbal exchanges are actually fill-in-the-blanks notebooks with simplified and uninteresting topics. "Exciting conversations don't come out of your schoolbook.
Language courses abroad," read the Small World Travel Agency ads, asserting that real-world learning through global exploration is the best method of study.