Slim Devices Squeezebox V3 Network Music Player

 - Dec 2, 2005
References: slimdevices
The new Slim Devices Squeezebox lets you access your music collection in any room. The device connects to your computer using 802.11g wireless internet, and uses a simple remote control to let you choose songs.

Squeezebox v3 streams digital music or MP3 Internet radio stations to any digital and analog stereo over a home 802.11g wireless network. It is a study in downtempo, modern design appropriate for any setting and a joy for the eyes as well as the ears. The contrast of highly polished material against a crisp brushed metal fascia is a fitting reflection of the sophisticated technology within. Squeezebox the easiest way for music lovers to enjoy high-quality playback of their whole digital music collection (compressed and uncompressed audio files) anywhere in their home. Squeezebox lets you rediscover the hidden gems of your music collection. Start with one and then add players in different rooms to create an affordable whole-house audio experience without the hassle of re-wiring your home. Squeezebox uses SlimServer, the powerful software developed by Slim Devices. Because the software is developed under an open source license, Slim Devices is able to tap into the creative energies of a worldwide team of independent programmers. Squeezebox, as a result, continues to add features with the release of new software and the product never becomes obsolete! Squeezebox includes many features not found in similar products; built-in alarm clock, SHOUTcast directory, music selection by Album Art, BBC news ticker and more. Audio outputs; digital coax & optical, analog RCA, mini-jack connector.

The device costs $249 and is available at Amazon: Squeezebox at Amazon