This Infographic Depicts the Health Effects of Sleeping Positions

 - Oct 26, 2015
References: blog.homearena & designtaxi
The creative team at 'Home Arena' designed this chart, which explains the health effects of certain sleeping positions. While getting the right amount of sleep is crucial to a healthy lifestyle, the way people sleep is also important.

The chart, which is titled 'Best Sleeping Positions' clearly states that the best sleeping position is on one’s back. This is due to the elevation of the neck, reduction of acid reflex and the fact that it also reduces facial wrinkles. Another good example is sleeping on one’s side while the legs are fully extended, which reduces the amount of snoring due to the elongated spinal positioning.

The chart continues to assess people's sleeping positions in comparison to their lifestyles. For example, if you do sleep on your back, you are most likely a quiet and reserved person. While the chart might not be spot-on when it comes to a personality assessment, the health facts are important for everyone’s knowledge.