Slava Fokk's Retro Paintings Depict a Feminine Charm

 - Dec 22, 2014
References: slavafokk & mymodernmet
Moscow-based artist Slava Fokk creates retro paintings of women from bygone eras. The retro element is made obvious, as Fokk generously borrows avant-garde and surrealist techniques to create his aesthetic.

The women in his paintings are immediately recognizable, featuring angular chins and cheekbones, along with vivid, emotive eyes capped by strong brows. These features exaggerate the subjects' femininity, yet the paintings do not become caricatures. The vintage color palette of muted shades and faded, sepia-toned neutrals, along with the careful juxtaposition of texture, create understated portraits of women from a time long ago.

Those who enjoy a retro aesthetic will most definitely enjoy Fokk's body of work, which is characterized by a commitment to remembering the past.