Skrub by Lauren Schaubach Increases the Lifespan of Art-Making Implements

 - Apr 18, 2013
References: & industrialdesignserved
Some of the most commonly exercised techniques used to wash brushes are responsible for making them wear out faster. The Skrub Paintbrush Cleaner facilitates a much gentler treatment so that you can ensure that your tools are properly cared for. This way, you can expect to continue using them for a good long time.

Lauren Schaubach came up with this ribbed panel that can function as an effective scrubber, since rubbing the bristled tips between one's fingers is a popular practice. With two curled edges, the handy accessory wraps around the sides of your non-dominant palm, leaving your other free. Grasp a utensil or two and press them lightly in the Skrub Paintbrush Cleaner with a circular motion, this will loosen the pigment at the top of the hairs.