Skaters Take Over for 'Hilloween'

'Hilloween' is the brainchild of New Zealand skater Levi Hawken.

Heralded as one of the godfathers of of the bombing/downhill skating scene in New Zealand and an enigmatic skating/concrete culture figure in his own right, Hawken has set about transforming Halloween from a semi-followed tradition to a celebration of skateboarding.

Gathering together the locals of the skate community, Levi and co. take to the streets in costume. Auckland natives ARCADE joined the party this year, with their own skaters. Skaters literally tricked for treats, and helped connect brands to an entrenched and loyal fan base, which has been further pollinated with well produced but gritty online videos and photography from ARCADE and Levi Hawken.

It's an interesting take on a time of year usually leveraged from a commercial perspective. With Hilloween, skaters take over Halloween shows with an innovative and small budget approach.