The Sisters of the Black Moon Summer 2013 Editorial Commands Attention

 - Jul 23, 2013
References: reneeruin & hautemacabre
Strong, independent women are always an incredible thing to see in the media and the Sisters of the Black Moon Summer 2013 editorial showcases both a strong model and designs.

The setting of this shoot looks as though it is an actual battlefield, and that our model is getting ready to go and fight. The finish on the photos also replicate an old-world feel, which plays into the battleground aspect of the shoot. The hair and makeup perfectly represent a glamorous warrior, while the clothes that are used are examples of couture-inspired fighters.

The serene look on the model’s face is also an excellent companion to the overall theme; she looks prepared and ready to take on a battle. In the Sisters of the Black Moon Summer 2013 editorial, a warrior princess was born, and she looks like she is ready to take on the world.