The Singing House Uses Kinetic Energy to Hum Your Home

 - Jan 20, 2012
References: quintronandmisspussycat & laughingsquid
For many, singing takes place in the shower and only in the shower; however, you may not have known that your humble abode has a nice set of pipes on it as well, as showcased in the singing house. The singing house utilizes a roof-mounted synthesizer. This humming home comes from the brilliant minds of Quintron.

The singing house has a series of gadgets connected together on top of its roof to allow for the kinetic energy around it to make noise. This simple idea in theory creates an upstairs orchestra utilizing everything from the wind to the sun. This is not something you have to see to believe, it is rather something you have to hear to believe.

The singing house may be a residential renascence mogul, but it's keeping a solid foundation so as to not get carried away with reports that its music is bringing down the house.