Simon Hennessey Creates Incredibly Real Glass Refractions

 - Aug 29, 2013
References: simonhennessey & flavorwire
Simon Hennessey has been able to create incredible paintings that look real enough to be photographs.

When choosing to do artwork that is hyperrealistic, the artist is picking a very difficult medium. There are so many intricate details that go into real life, and they are nearly impossible to replicate with a paintbrush.

However, Hennessey has been able to portray real life, all the while viewing scenery from the reflection in a pair of sunglasses. He has created different people, who are looking out into the world. The aspect they all have in common are their shades, and that is how we see their world.

The detail that Simon Hennessey has been able to put into his work is stunning. It really does look like these were photographs taken, not art that has been created.