Silo 13 Uses a Cylindrical Form Throughout

 - Aug 13, 2014
References: vibarchitecture & designboom
Silo 13 is a distribution company in Paris, and the architecture firm VIB wanted to keep this cylindrical theme running throughout the buildings of the business. As such, the area does not contain all that many right angles.

When looking at the buildings from the ground up, they appear like a web of circular forms intertwined. The company itself is a cement distribution firm, so fittingly most of the material used here is cement too. The entire structure looks more like something one would see from a futuristic distribution plant, as some buildings take on a space-age-like look.

For a cement distribution company, these buildings are extremely modern, and even give people a look into the future of industrial areas of a city. Hopefully more will look like this in the following decades. Photo Credits: designboom, vibarchitecture