The Silk Me Back Kimono Mimics Arterial Anatomy

Pulsing with life are these Silk Me Back kimonos by FMR that feature a realistic display of the human arteries. The Silk Me Back kimono was featured at the Nesle Gallery in France.

The collar is peppered with droplets of blood. A keen eye will also notice an encrypted text within the vein-like design. The handwritten text is actually direct quotes from the Buddhist Sutta. And as you can see, the writing seems to really flow from the gown.

The Silk Me Back kimonos serve a good purpose, as well. Along with the other 24 kimonos displayed at the event, the Silk Me Back will be auctioned to support the victims of the Fukushima disaster. With the help of this relief effort, hopefully the Silk Me Back can breathe some life back into a tragic circumstance.