The Fandi Meng Ring Alarm Clock is Quiet

 - Dec 17, 2012
References: fandimeng
You won’t have to wake up your partner anymore with Fandi Meng’s couple’s alarm clock.

This alarm clock is modern, sleek and convenient. Fandi Meng designed this inventive alarm clock for couples and for people who are hearing impaired. This alarm clock was invented to wake a person up through vibrations that are sent to their fingertip. Instead of the traditional noisy alarm, this silent alarm clock is perfect for couples who have different wake up times, or for the hearing impaired. Since the alarm is a vibration instead of a sound, the alarm can go off without waking up your partner.

Fandi Meng created a ring that could slip onto a person’s finger pad and send out vibrations at a set time. Meng used finger pads to create his silent alarm clock because the finger pad is the more sensitive part of the finger. The clock comes with two rings that can be charged on the alarm clock dock when they are not in use. The rings have a micro-chip and micro vibration device built inside that make the rings operational.