The Sidetrack Table Keeps Tabs on Your A.D.D

 - Apr 29, 2010
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You know those days when you feel like you've got nothing done? When you wonder where all that wasted time went? The Sidetrack table will not only keep track of your daily distractions, it will help you change them. Often we don't realize just how unfocused we can be, so this piece of hi-tech decor tracks our movements throughout the workday, calculating what area of the office we are spending most of our time in.

Wondering just how the Sidetrack table does this? Looking like a seismometer, it literally draws out your movements within the office. The user simply places sensors in the areas they want to keep track of, and the marker on the table mimics your tracking between those sensors. Looks like you've found someone tougher than the regional manager.