LEDs Show Water Temperature

 - Mar 26, 2008
References: wowcoolstuff
One of the most frustrating moments of taking a shower is when you have to step under the water beam without knowing the water is too hot or freezing cold. Particularly as de shower delays some minutes before the warm water starts flowing out. For USD 45,00 you can solve one more frustration in your daily life.

Wowcoolstuff offers you a LED Shower. The Temperature Sensitive LED Shower Light is a high-tech showerhead that makes water glow bright blue when cold or bright red when hot (89° F/32° C). As it just turns from blue to red, the fine tuning of the temperature you have to do yourself, but at least you know when to jump to avoid a heart attack.

No batteries are required, as the LEDs built in the showerhead receive their energy from the, through the in-built small turbines, flowing water. It also has a built in Water Flow Regulator controlling the water to not exceed 2.5 gpm (9,46 ltr/min) at 80 psi (6 ato).
It is ideal with children and older people.