A Short Science Film SCI-FLY Reveals the Strangeness of Magnetic Putty

 - Apr 29, 2013
References: vimeo & thisiscolossal
The Short Science Film SCI-FLY reveals the strange and amazing feats that regular putty can do when it is infused with magnetic shavings.

This incredible video shows the malleable putty come to life when placed within reach of a magnetic field. Watch as the putty eerily comes to life and winds like a slug towards the magnets, eventually engulfing them with its blobby mass. The awe-inspiring scenes show just how breathtaking and fun science can be. This is an excellent way to get young children involved and interested in the wonders of science.

The video is an excerpt from a short film by PBS Digital Studios and Shanks FX entitled ‘SCI-FLY.’ Although the images of the putty moving towards the magnets as if attacking prey have been sped up, there’s no denying the strangeness of this phenomenon.