Transformational Shoeboxes by Zooligans Will Blow Your Mind

 - Feb 21, 2012
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Clever kid's shoe brand Zooligans has taken the standard issue shoebox and turned it into an object of desire for little kids. With a few flips of the cardboard flaps, this shoebox transforms into a pet carrier that little kids can use to carry their Zooligans animal shoes or their favorite stuffed animal.

Keeping with the animal theme of its shoes, Zooligans decided to make its packaging part of the branding statement rather than just another piece of cardboard to throw away, giving it usefulness and playfulness beyond its original intended function. Essentially, this is not only a fun way to view shoe boxes, but a way to stay environmentally friendly by ensuring you throw out much less than you would if the box were as hum-drum as all others.