Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers Will Have You Burning a Hole in Your Wallet

 - Sep 14, 2013
References: shinepapers & luxurylaunches
Wealthy smoking connoisseurs have been graced with Shine's 24K Gold Rolling Papers -- entirely edible and ready to smoke -- containing real gold.

Shine notes that these luxe papers are safe and edible for human ingestion; one will ingest gold particles upon usage, but on the up-side, this will certainly boost individual net worth. The papers were tested on rats for six hours/day, five days/week over the course of 90 days to ensure this procedure was not threatening to human life. These papers not only burn slower, but will boost your social status as well.

Now for the price: each pack contains 12 rolling papers and costs $60. With high prices come high expectations, but factoring the novelty and awesomeness factor of this product, it will likely be worth your money. If you want to burn joints made of 24K, now's your golden opportunity.