Shelby Walsh in the Globe and Mail

 - Dec 9, 2015
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Toys and toy stores today look very different compared to even those from a decade ago. In addition to there being much more acceptance of gender-neutral playthings, there's an emphasis on STEM toys for girls to discourage girls from feeling limited with the toys they "should" play with. Trend Hunter President Shelby Walsh recently shared a few thoughts with The Globe and Mail on this topic, fueled by what we've seen from our own data-driven research.

Many leading toy creators, marketers and retailers are embracing this movement to foster confidence in young girls who play with science, technology, math and engineering toys. As well as simply being more inclusive, these toys play a huge part in empowering young women to believe that they can enter male-dominated fields later in life.

New toys for girls aim to spark interest in science and math

STEM-focused play and gender-neutral retail environments are one step in the right direction, but ultimately, the marketing to our young girls has to change as well to empower girls and let them feel welcome in the fields that typically look (and feel) like boys’ clubs.

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