Gary Pons Etched Altuglass Pianos For Sheer Music Madness

 - Feb 26, 2009   Updated: May 31 2011
References: luxe-magazine
Gary Pons Pianos are not in the same league as Steinway or Schimmel and Pleyel pianos, and certainly not Bosendorfer when it comes to quality of instruments, but for flair and panache, Gary Pons Pianos are unequaled.

The pianos from Pons are Plexart and use aluminum and Altuglass for the instrument bodies. The French built pianos are considered works of art by the designer.

Implications - In a superficial world, presentation and aesthetics arguably trump quality and practicality. This pattern has resulted in some arguably inferior products being more widely purchased based on superficial elements which attract and sustain the consumer's attention and appeal to their greater values. smart companies can benefit from finding a balance between novelty and quality.