These Posters Feature Predatory Fish as the Stars of Films

 - Aug 15, 2013
References: incrediblethings
These hilarious shark-replacing movie posters take popular films and Photoshop the predatory fish as a main character.

One extremely funny one is the poster for Mrs. Sharkfire. By changing the name from Mrs. Doubtfire, kids may be less inclined to trust their next babysitter for fear that it might be shark! However, the poster does still look quite hilarious, as the body is still that of a human. Likewise, it'd be hard to take Sherlock Holmes seriously if Watson was a sidekick to a shark! Chances are a shark wouldn't be as successful of a sleuth as the original Sherlock. The poster that is most unbelievable would be Sharkspear in Love. While it does look like an interesting film, chances are it'd be ridiculed in the box office.

While these movie posters are fake, they definitely add a fun twist to crowd favorite films.