The Share.Food Collection Invites Snacking from Two Sides

 - Sep 24, 2013
References: bilgenursaltik & dezeen
Eating a meal with others can be a wonderful social experience, and many cultures distribute their dishes with the intention that they be split among several. The Share.Food collection makes the practice a great deal more accessible than your standard serving plates do, angling one way or the other to accommodate facing people.

The beveled bottom is what make these bowls and mugs so unique. The pitched bases allow the vessels to lean in either of two directions while maintaining stability to hold their contents securely. The users can thus tip each piece back and forth to his own convenience so that the food or drink before him is easier to obtain. Bilge Nur Saltik's Share.Food further delights with its bright white ceramic material and the fluorescent pink undersides that cast a cheerful glow.