The 'CORE' Protein Shaker Bottle Prevents Mess When Fixing a Shake

 - Apr 27, 2017
References: yankodesign
The protein drink shaker bottle is an essential piece of equipment for athletes in order to ensure that they can always mix their post-workout beverage to their liking. The 'CORE' bottle aims to offer users a distinctly cleaner way to keep the mess out of the experience by placing the protein powder in convenient pods. These pods are then stored in the 'CORE' bottle until needed to ensure that you always have the perfect dose on hand without having to utilize traditional containers and scoops.

The 'CORE' protein shaker bottle comes as a versatile solution to keeping protein powders and beverages stored by utilizing a spring to pop the pods up when the bottle is opened. The 'CORE' is the design work of Ankit Tatiya, Harsh Thacker and Vanshika Abuja.