The Shadow Cube Uses Light to Make Beautiful, Complex Forms

 - Feb 4, 2014
References: & sploid.gizmodo
This Shadow Cube is a design anomaly. This is not because the actual design is strange (though it is intricate) but because it's hard to identify exactly what it is. This light sculpture was made by Anila Quayyum and uses light to project impressive designs in 3D form.

Light and shadow is a time-tested way to create amazing design and intricate art. Passing light through a well-designed piece of art allows for an even larger scale piece of art that can take the design aspects even farther.

This light sculpture, named the Shadow Cube, holds a light in the middle of it which shines light all around it. The cube takes this light and molds it into projections on surfaces all-around the cube. The design of the cube is intricate and each part of it is unique, showing that light sculptures can take an already amazing piece of art and make it even greater.