Chevy Traverse Ad Exploits Compulsive Shoppers

 - Oct 25, 2008
References: chevrolet & youtube
Many people think that if a woman owns an SUV, it’s because she needs the room for something important--perhaps a boyfriend, a husband, children, or even the family dog. Maybe she needs lots of cargo space for work-related equipment or loads of camping gear.

Not so, according to Chevrolet. Apparently the only use women have for a spacious SUV like the 2008 Chevy Traverse is to frantically pack in massive amounts of designer shoes during a footwear downpour. Is there no other way to sell a car to a woman?

Perhaps there is a missing part to this commercial. The footage we haven’t seen probably shows this woman unbuckling her baby’s car seat and leaving him out on the side of the road so she can fit in more shoes. After all, she did scramble frantically to pack in shoes without checking their sizes. For all we know, she scrambled to stock up on a thousand left shoes without matching right shoes.