New Software Allows For Instant Gender Modifications

 - Jun 5, 2009
References: newscientist
Have you ever wondered what it felt like to be the opposite sex, but just weren’t quite ready to undergo any serious procedures? Have you ever wondered what your twin sister or brother would look like? Well this can now be done in a matter of minutes without any repercussions or loss of self-identity.

Over-exaggerating? Yes! Impossible? No!

Advanced technology created by computer scientist Barry-John Theobald and Iain Matthews has allowed us to change one’s gender during live video sessions. This software was developed to analyze the way each gender reacts with one another and has opened up the possibility of the use for more lifelike movie animations.

Forget that! Let's bring this to the masses--imagine the possibilities, imagine the webcam conversations. On the other hand, this thought process might just further confuse the world.