From Mr. Allen's Library Collection to His Famous Celebrity Muses

 - Jul 3, 2011
With the recent release of Midnight in Paris, it just seemed appropriate to do a retrospective on all the Woody Allen finds that have popped up over the past few years.

It's amazing to see that Woody Allen has been the inspiration for many different art projects, such as digital photo manipulations, vector portraits, and even laugh-out-loud caricatures. Equally as famous as the Annie Hall director are his famous celebrity muses, and now there's a photo collection that makes it blatantly obvious why these leading ladies hold a special place in Mr. Allen's heart.

Implications - Consumers enjoy celebrity-related news and information, as they wish to emulate the success and fame of these media figures. Corporations looking to capitalize on this consumer desire may do so by offering products and services which make the general public feel like stars.