Sevenly T-Shirts Raise Money and Awareness for Different Charities Each Week

 - Feb 10, 2012
Being a charity isn't easy, especially when you are dependent on donations to cover your expenses and reach your goals. Increasingly, however, we are seeing nonprofits and charities begin to sell products to help support their funding, and Sevenly wants to help them out.

"74% of worthy, much needed charities, go out of business every single year," the site explains. "The problem is a lack of awareness, funding, and following."

Put simply, they sell t-shirts and donate $7 from each purchase to a featured cause of the week. For example, "This week, your $22 purchase can provide 35 nutritious meals for a hungry child in Darfur," through Relief International.

In addition to a financial goal (this week they've already raised $6,503), Sevenly has an awareness goal that measures talk on social media, as getting the message out is an integral part of their mission. Currently the Relief International shirt is at 2k likes on Facebook and has been tweeted about 200 times.

Sevenly also includes a video each week by Dale Partridge, their "Chief World Changer" in which he speaks about the given charity. The site also includes a video about the charity as well as direct links to their Facebook and Twitter accounts. As Dale says, even those who can't afford a shirt or hoodie can still donate a like or a tweet.

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