The Seven Deadly Sins Infographic Reveals the Worst Characteristics to Have

 - Jul 8, 2012
References: becomecareer & bestinfographics
This seven deadly sins infographic reveals the worst characteristics a person can have.

In this infographic created by Become Career, the inner qualities everyone deals with is explored with in-depth detail. A mixture of these even deadly sins are dangerous, and they include lust, gluttony, pride, sloth, vanity, greed and envy.

Become Career reveals the sins, and also offers readers tips on how to counteract those unwanted feelings or states of being. For instance, becoming a sloth will make your lifestyle inactive and unhealthy, therefore, people should make it essential to include physical activities in their daily routine. Tips to try and not become envious include looking at the scenario with a positive perspective, and thinking about the happiness of others.