This Airplane Cart Hangs from the Ceiling to Save Floorspace

 - Nov 25, 2016
References: yankodesign
Taking a direct approach to making airplane cabins more functional, this serving cart is designed to hang from the ceiling rather than be wheeled on the cabin floor.

When food and/or drink service is being performed on an airplane, this usually means that passengers are stuck in their seats and that flight attendants must slide around seats. This airplane cart, however, does away with this by enabling total range of motion past the cart even when it is in the middle of service.

The airplane serving cart is the design work of Chiao-Chun Ni, SU-Min Wu, Kuan-Ting Chen and Yao-Ting Huang. It features a braking system that will kick into action whenever a flight attendant is not applying force to move it forward.