The Sergio Rossi Fall/Winter 2014-2015 Collection is Butterfly-Inspired

The Sergio Rossi Fall/Winter 2014-2015 will expand your cocoon of plain pumps into a beautiful, butterfly-like collection. Majority of Rossi's latest designs are shoes with brightly colored detailing and winged extensions.

Butterflies are not normally a species attributed to fall and winter, but Sergio sure took a chance when he used them as inspiration for this line of Fall/Winter accessories. He took simple shoe designs and added intricate wings to each sides or to the back heels. One shoe is a simple black pump with added mesh wings sticking upwards from each side. Another shoe, more appropriate for the cold weather, is a boot with an elongated wing sticking out from the calf-side.

Some other shoes and purses in this collection are not as minimal: they're metallic, bejewelled and scaly. They are the perfect for any social butterfly.