Seon Ghi Bahk's Sculptures Look like They are Disintegrating

 - Jun 7, 2012
References: artnet & mymodernmet
As though disintegrating right before the viewer's very eyes, Seon Ghi Bahk's sculptures have a tenuous hold on life. Made out of small pieces of charcoal that have been strung on a transparent nylon thread, that statement is more true that it first appears. Hung with purpose, the charcoal pieces form manmade creations such as stairs, tables and windows. But by seemingly breaking apart, Seon Ghi Bahk shows that nothing lasts forever.

Hailing from Korea, Seon Ghi Bahk explores the relationship between man and nature through her work. Organized under the titles An Aggregate and Existence, the charcoal sculptures are coarsely surreal. My Modern Met notes that "the fundamental idea behind them seems to be an understanding of the irony of using nature to represent something wholly unnatural."