Send Your Friends Snow-Filled Snowmen as Gifts

 - Dec 21, 2008
References: & asahi
Having experienced an early winter this year despite being a warm weather kind of person, this is the last gift I would ask Santa for. But for those of you who are blessed with living in a warmer, snow-starved climate, now you can ask your friends and family to buy you some snow for the holidays!

According to Asahi, "Members of a citizens group put snow into snowman-shaped Styrofoam containers in Yubari, Hokkaido, for shipment to other parts of Japan." I’m not sure whether they offer international shipments, but maybe they would be willing to sell some of the empty snowmen to one of your northern friends, who could then send you some domestic snow.

The ironic thing is that Abira, which is where the group is based, is actually experiencing somewhat of a snow drought this year, and so they have had to temporarily relocate their operations to nearby Yubari.

Like I said, I don’t think I would ever ask someone to send me a full one of these, but I could sure use a bunch of empty ones to ship some of my own snow the heck out of here!