'Send Me SFMOMA' Uses SMS to Pass Along Modern Artworks

 - Jul 11, 2017
References: sfmoma.org
The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, better known as SFMOMA, is working to share the bulk of its expansive collection through a new service called 'Send Me SFMOMA.' By sending an SMS message to a designated number with the message "Send me [blank]", art-lovers will receive images of artwork that fits the request from SFMOMA's tremendous collection.

SFMOMA current houses 34,678 artworks. At any one time, the physical museum can only display 5 percent of that haul, and even still that 5 percent requires walking nearly seven miles to experience in totality. Displaying the entire collection would take seventeen more SFMOMA buildings, and spectators would have to walk 121.3 miles to see everything. Rather than working to achieve that quixotic goal, Send Me SFMOMA gives people access to the complete collection curated by keywords and available even without data access — all one needs is a cell signal.