This Device Allows Users to Mix Their Tea or Coffee Without a Teaspoon

 - Sep 1, 2015
References: kickstarter
The 'PEGTOP Cup' is a self-stirring coffee cup that allows users to mix their tea or coffee without using a teaspoon. For those who like to add cream or sugar to their drinks, it can be annoying to constantly need a teaspoon on hand for stirring. This handy device helps you mix your drink without lifting a finger.

To use the PEGTOP Cup, simply turn the device by hand. The cup will then continue to rotate on its own due to special ribs that are inclined in the direction of rotation. The clever construction allows the device to use its own momentum to mix your drink without spilling a drop of liquid. The cup is easy to use and contains no complex mechanisms or power sources.

This self-stirring coffee cup helps make long mornings a little bit easier by preparing your favorite beverage for you.