This Self-Filling Water Bottle Draws Water Vapor Out Of the Air

 - Jan 29, 2016
References: & gizmag
The Fontus bottle is a self-filling water bottle, not yet available in the market, that is claimed to be able to extract water vapor from the air to convert to water to fill itself with.

Its design makes use of a condensation chamber that extracts humidity and converts it into safe drinking water. When humid air enters the bottle, it makes contact with high-tech hydrophobic surfaces that attract water droplets while keeping out dust and other unwanted materials. The bottle, which will be released in the Airo model and the cycling-centric Ryde design -- will be able to produce as much as half a liter of water an hour .

This self-filling water bottle could be of great use to a number of people ranging from cyclists and endurance athletes to explorers, hikers and people in military scenarios.