This Haunting Series Takes on the Taboo Issue of Self Harm

 - Mar 9, 2014
References: kristinaeknipe & featureshoot
Giving self harm a creative face, photographer Kristina Knipe shows us a haunting world filled with people living in quiet desperation, struggling with the growing yet taboo issue of self harm.

In the New York-based photographer's raw series 'I Don’t Know The Names of Flowers', Knipe captures a suburban world filled with those who struggle with self harm in such an intimate and honest way.

"I was 14 the first time I self-harmed. I took a Swiss Army knife and slit open the top of my forearm in short diagonal cuts. I was searching for something in that moment—exhilaration, consciousness, proof I had the strength to withstand pain," says Knipe.

Her narrative shows an undercover world not easily detectable to the naked eye, but Knipe digs deep to capture not only the physical scares but also the objects, places and memories associated with thoughts of self harm.