West Coast Chill by the Joseph Company is an Icy Product Idea

 - Feb 7, 2012
References: westcoastchill & theverge
Joseph Company International is planning to introduce a self-chilling can for its energy drink West Coast Chill. This can looks similar to any other can from the outside, only you do not need ice to cool this can. The self-chilling can or Chill Can (as it is called by Joseph Company International) comes armed with a button, which when pressed, cools the drink in the can, and makes it stay cool for 30 minutes more than a regular can.

Now that's what I call a cool product idea. If this venture proves successful, it will open the doors for self-chilling cans for a whole variety of drinks. Think of the convenience: being able to get a chilled drink at a picnic or while on a hike!