The Sirin 'SOLARIN' Smartphone Protects Against Cyber Attacks

The prevalence of smartphone technology has many consumers wondering (and worrying) about the level of security with using the device, so the Sirin 'SOLARIN' is a secure smartphone designed to help offer peace of mind.

Packed with anti-cyber attack software called Zimperium as well as KoolSpan chip-to-chip 256-bit AES encryption, the Sirin 'SOLARIN' smartphone is prepared to prevent hacks from occurring.

Smartphones are more like miniature computers than just cell phones these days with more information packed onto the tiny devices than ever. As such, the Sirin 'SOLARIN' secure smartphone helps to ensure that users can rest assured they won't fall victim to a cyber attack or hack.

The Sirin 'SOLARIN' is set to be available for purchase for £9,500.