ColorSearch Allows Users to Search for Artwork Using Color

 - Oct 27, 2015
References: artbinderviewer & fastcodesign
There are many search toolbars in existence that make surfing the web an easy process but none are like ColorSearch. This discovery tool is designed for artists and allows its users to search for artwork using colors.

Developed by ArtBinder founder Alexandra Chemla, ColorSearch is specifically made for those with visual memory. After visiting an endless amount of art shows, Chemla would often forget the names of her favorite pieces but she would never forget what she saw. For this exact reason, Chemla created this innovative search toolbar which offers search by color or color combination.

Apart of the ArtBinder app, ColorSearch offers over 200 hues which users can use to surf through ArtBinder's immense database of pieces. ColorSearch will bring up matches based on the proximity of the shade(s) chosen.