Ayaka Ito's Scribbled Line People Series is Spectacularly Surreal

 - Nov 8, 2011
References: ayakaito & mymodernmet
The title of the Scribbled Line People art series does not prepare a person for what actually comes of it. This title conjures up a presumption of doodled stick figures, not the stunning, stripped bodies that actually make up this series. Spectacularly surreal, the viewer sees a person unraveling before their eyes. Even if it is just art, there is a realistic aspect to the Scribbled Line People series that will really take breaths away.

Created by Graphic designer and illustrator Ayaka Ito, who was born in Japan and now resides in New York City, the Scribbled Line People art series was created using computer programs such as Flash and Photoshop. Using photographs as a base, Ito was also "inspired by wire sculptures made into human form by Rachel Ducker."