The 'PLUS' Screwdriver Tool Features a Hole in the Handle for Cranking

 - Jun 3, 2016
References: yankodesign
The 'PLUS' screwdriver tool is designed with a specialized construction that will enable it to be utilized in more instances than a regular screwdriver would otherwise be. Featuring a hold in the lower portion of the handle, the 'PLUS' screwdriver can allow another screwdriver or another slender tool to be inserted into it. This allows the 'PLUS' to be easier to turn on rusted or tight screws.

Designed by Wang Tong, the 'PLUS' screwdriver tool would come in a set of two to allow each one to be used with one another on different kinds of screws. This also enables the screwdrivers to create a more secure hold and prevent one's hand from slipping to prevent injury and speed up handy work.