Bold Geometric Artwork by Eleanor Grosch

 - Feb 8, 2009
References: pushmepullyoudesign & grainedit
Eleanor Grosch’s playful animal screen prints consist of bold colors--often no more than three shades. As stated on Grosch’s website, "there was just something about animals that held her interest." When looking at Grosch’s prints and seeing the animal look back at you, you can’t help but smile.

Eleanor Grosch did not waste any time after graduating from the University of Southern Florida with a degree in Fine Arts. After producing skateboard artwork on Alien Workshop and Habitat decks, Grosch started to refine her style with geometric shapes and line to create these beautiful screen prints. She now works in Philadelphia doing exactly what she loves--a promising assurance for today’s graduates.

What’s great about Grosch’s pieces are the color and the imaginative scenes used, but also its versatility. I could see her animal characters painted on the walls of a kid’s room or hung as artwork. At Grosch’s shop, she also shares her artwork on mugs, tea towels, pint glasses, and notebooks.