Scrap Trap Facilitates the Cleaning of Countertops in one Swift Motion

 - Mar 6, 2013
References: amazon & likecool
It feels a little gross, and frankly inefficient, to use your hand to collect crumbs from your culinary work surface. The Scrap Trap makes cleanups much more straightforward and quite quick through the use of a small garbage bin and a helpful brush.

The tiny trash can comes with a handle on either side: one is meant to be held while the receptacle is position and the other serves as a hook to be clasped over the top cabinet or drawer. Push that compartment closed and the Kitchen Art bin will be conveniently positioned beneath the lip of your countertop. Remove the brush from a slot in one side of the Scrap Trap and use it to whisk, wipe, sweep or scrape bits of food directly into the container.