Scrap Metal Yoda is Assembled Out of Recycled Steel Parts

 - Nov 8, 2012
References: amazon & 7gadgets
Designed by online retailer Art From Steel, the Scrap Metal Yoda sculpture is a recycled representation of the Star Wars character.

The creator of this Yoda figurine has managed to capture the character's benevolent face with its wizened appearance by carving out all his many wrinkles and lines and giving him kind eyes. Gears, chains and other bits and pieces of discarded metal have been adhered together to make up the figurine's cloak, giving Yoda a slightly corroded, steampunk look. Measuring at 1 foot and 2 inches high, this sculpture is actually quite large, making it a great gift for any Star Wars fanatic who collects figurines and other memorabilia.

Add some upcycled steel sci-fi decor to your home with the amazingly assembled Scrap Metal Yoda sculpture.