Scott Park Recreated Vehicles from Mad Max Fury Road in Drawing

 - Sep 23, 2015
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Canadian artist Scott Park recently released another stunning entry in his pop culture-inspired art illustration series. This time around, Park drew inspiration from the recent film 'Mad Max Fury Road,' which featured a number of futuristic and creative vehicles. Scott Park then recreated these various cars, trucks and submarine-like vehicles through bright and kid-like illustrations.

The dystopian science-fiction film boasted over 33 crazy vehicles, from cars with spikes and peaks to customized motorcycles. Scott's cartoonish illustrations of these vehicles portrays the cars in a more whimsical light, which differs from depictions in the film.

Park has mastered the art of reintroducing popular pop cultural artifacts through fun and playful illustrations. Park's 'Mad World' collection is available for purchase on his website as posters.