Schrodinger's Cat Makes the Difficult Choices for You

 - Oct 1, 2012
Often described as a paradox, Schrodinger's Cat is a thought experiment created by Austrian physicist Erwin Schrodinger.

If you've ever had a problem deciding what to have for lunch or where to go this weekend, the paradoxical kitty can help you make the decision. This crazy experiment is quite the conundrum but it has its useful ways. Like the scientists in the video, simply map out on paper your decisions and open the box to see if the cat is alive or dead. If the cat is alive, the answer is yes and if the cat is dead, well, yhe answer is no. By the end of a few rounds, you'll figure out whether you want sushi or pizza and if you want to go to the movies or the park. Schrodinger's cat is a great way to solve problems instead of flipping coins, which may roll into dark crevices and Rock, Paper, Scissors to avoid the chance of cheating.